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Herbed Farmer’s Cheese
A fresh, spreadable, ‘boursin’ style cow’s milk cheese made using whole milk. We offer it in four fabulous garden fresh flavors, including: Fresh Basil and Garlic, Fresh Dill, Horseradish, Perfectly Plain.

Queso Blanco
This traditional Latin style cheese is made with whole cow’s milk. We prepare our Queso Blanco in three distinct ways. Classic Plain, made with just sea salt, Spicy Chili Pepper, or Herbs de Provence (French style cooking herbs). Often used in cooking, our Queso Blanco, is heat friendly, and won’t melt as other cheeses do… try sautéing in oil or on the grill.


Chaseholm Camembert
Named after the family’s dairy farm, this cheese is a classic, old world style Camembert (bloomy rind cheese), also made from whole milk. Yet firm through the center when young and ripened to provide a soft creamy pate that bends at room temperature. An exceptionally creamy cheese with dynamic flavors of Normandy, but produced right here in the Hudson Valley. Best paired with jammy preserves.

Moonlight: Chaource Style
A slightly aged, bloomy rind cheese whose white rind just conceals the ash layer beneath. Quick to ripen; Moonlight has a tart and firm chevre style center in its youth, but as it ages, ripening from the outside in, the pate sweetens taking on an ever more delicate body and creaminess. An ash layer beneath the bloom has characteristics of a goat’s milk St Maure, though made here with cows milk. Pair with salted almonds and honey.

Red Beard
A Smear Ripened Cheese washed with Hard Apple Cider. This little stinker is washed constantly through the first month of its life with a hard cider and brine solution, placing it in the family of washed monastic cheeses. The Red Beard develops a healthy coat of B. Linens during this period, turning its namesake color. As the Cheeses continue to ripen its sweetness excels balanced with the earth funk of their kind.


Stella Vallis Tomme
Aged four to six months, this classic from the French Alpine tradition is produced here in the Hudson Valley. Our Raw Milk Tomme has a natural, edible rind, which is washed in the early part of its life for the betterment of a combination of yeasts and molds that dominate its surface flora. The pate is firm through the center yet pliant. Stella Vallis has a nutty aspect underscored by a ‘cheddary’ sharpness. Excellent for pairing with sweet, wet fruits… like local apples.

Alpage: Alpine Style
Aged for 6-8 months, and made from delicious Raw Farmstead milk, this Alpine style Cheese has the full bodied character one would expect of an older cheese with a natural, edible washed rind, and darker colored pate full of nut, caramel, and Umami flavor. The pate is smooth and firm through the center. Look for minor holes development and the formation of crunchy lactate crystals in the oldest wheels. Delicious flavor with broad appeal.

All Cheeses are Farmstead Artisanal Products, made by hand with milk from our Cows on the Farm in Pine Plains, N.Y.